Colorado Recall Founder: Coloradans 'Upset About Being Ignored'

Colorado Recall Founder: Coloradans 'Upset About Being Ignored'

The founder of the current recall effort in Colorado says the recall is not just about gun control laws but also the fact that Coloradans are “upset about being ignored” by state senators like John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Angela Giron (D-Pueblo).

Tim Knight initiated the recall effort after his neighbor suggested it to him, and he now tells National Review Online that “the new gun laws were just the catalyst” and that constituents were so sick of being ignored by the senators that “finding vocal support hasn’t really been a hard sell.”

Coloradan Luke Wagner has worked with Knight on the recall effort at the Basic Freedom Defense Foundation, and he says Morse gave impetus to the recall push by finding a way to offend everyone in his district: “He decided that rural Coloradans aren’t as important as urban Coloradans. He doesn’t like gun owners. He wants to take money from outside Denver and bring it into Denver for schools. There’s something for everyone!”

The recall elections take place on September 10; last week saw huge numbers in early voting turnout.

While Morse continues to give off an air of confidence about his chances of winning the recall, Knight says, “It’s interesting that we’ve been able to change his behavior from not listening at all to going door-to-door wearing a [Denver] Broncos shirt.”

This has been a big change from a few weeks ago, when Wagner says, “Morse went on national television and told everyone that he was proud he ignored his constituents.” 

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