Rep. Gosar: 'We Ain't Going to Conference' Against Senate Immigration Bill

Rep. Gosar: 'We Ain't Going to Conference' Against Senate Immigration Bill

Breitbart News asked Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) about his thoughts on immigration in a ride over to the State Department on Wednesday morning. Gosar had been talking about town hall meetings in his district this August recess, where he said constituents were “outraged” about efforts to grant amnesty to America’s illegal aliens among other sources of “outrage” against Washington, D.C.

“We have farmers in southwestern Yuma, so immigration–they wanted to talk to us about it,” Gosar said. “We’re very pointed, we’re against the Senate bill. It’s a crappy bill.” 

“We need immigration reform, but we need open air, smaller bills that are germane to an issue and have an open discussion with the American people,” he explained. “We shouldn’t have to pass a bill to find out what’s in it.”

Gosar adamantly opposes any efforts by House GOP leadership to try to save or fix the Senate immigration bill in a conference committee. “I’ll tell you this right now: We ain’t going to conference against that bill,” Gosar said.

It’s unconstitutional. We need to start talking about the unconstitutionality of the Senate bill. We should not be rewarding the Senate for doing a lousy job, a horrible job, of a bill. They should know better. You cannot generate revenues or taxes without originating in the House. What they’re waiting for as the House has not yet received it is they want to strip and paste it just like Obamacare was done.

Gosar said, “I have nothing to hide. We ought to have this open debate. It’s so core to the fabric of our country. Air it out. You had one limited committee hearing [on the Senate side] and one limited amendment process on the Senate floor? That’s how you got what’s in the Senate bill? That’s pathetic.”


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