Pastor Pulls Gun on Robber: 'No, You Get on the Ground'

Pastor Pulls Gun on Robber: 'No, You Get on the Ground'

On October 18, a robber brandishing a fake gun in an Evansville, Indiana discount store told Pastor Carl Sanders to get on the ground. Sanders responded by pulling his concealed carry handgun and telling the robber, “No, you get on the ground.”

According to NBC News, Sanders said he saw “a young man bouncing up and down with a bandanna on his face.” He did not see any other customers, but he saw the robber pushing one of the Dollar General employees. 

The suspect then turned with what was supposed to look like a gun wrapped in a plastic bag and told Sanders to “get down on the ground.” Instead of complying, Sanders pulled his gun and said, “No, you get on the ground.” 

Sanders said, “I knew he had something in this hand and I wasn’t going to let him get to me first.” He added, “I told him don’t move, just put your face down on the ground and don’t even look at me.” 

He then held the suspect at gun point until police arrived. 

He says he did not shoot the suspect “because he didn’t deserve to be hurt.” But Sanders said, “I wanted him to know you can’t do this.”

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