President Adds Obamacare Disclaimer, Blames Insurance Providers for Cancellations

President Adds Obamacare Disclaimer, Blames Insurance Providers for Cancellations

As recently as September 26th, just five days prior to the inauguration of Obamacare, President Obama maintained that inherent in the Affordable Care Act was the promise, “If you already have health care, you don’t have to do anything.”

Speaking at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland, Obama insisted that all criticism undermining this basic tenet was “fear mongering.” He added that 85 percent of the country that has healthcare plans via their job, through Medicare, or through the individual market could keep their policy and their doctors. Now, it looks like promises are made to be broken.

Remarks made by Obama on Monday prove that his previous declarations concealed the full story. More than one month after his Prince George speech and the Obamacare rollout, Obama stated, “Now, if you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said was you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law passed. So we wrote into the Affordable Care Act, you’re grandfathered in on that plan. But if the insurance company changes it, then what we’re saying is they’ve got to change it to a higher standard (emphasis added).” 

Obama’s “higher standard” includes unwanted coverage for things such as maternity coverage for single men and forced coverage for abortions. Certainly, this just-now added disclaimer will affect millions of health care policy holders, resulting in loss of insurance as well as increased premiums.