CBS Poll: Obama, ObamaCare Crash to Record Lows

CBS Poll: Obama, ObamaCare Crash to Record Lows

A CBS News poll released Wednesday shows that President Obama and his signature piece of legislation have hit record lows. Only 37% of those polled approve of the job the president is doing, with 57% disapproving. ObamaCare is even more unpopular. A full 61% disapprove of the health care law. Only 31% approve.

In just one month, support for ObamaCare has collapsed by 12 points. The healthcare plan lost ten points with women, nine points with men, and 12 points with Independents. As far as job approval, the president lost 17 total points. Last month he was only barely in the red, 46-49%. Women now disapprove of the president’s handling of his job 39-54% — an 18 point swing from Obama’s 49-46% rating in October. 

Though neither the Democrat leadership nor the president are proposing any changes, rather than ask if ObamaCare should be repealed or not, CBS asked if the law should be repealed or changed. Forty-eight percent chose “changed,” with 43% calling for repeal. Only 7% want the law to stand as is.

How the public views Obama’s honesty swung 24 points in the negative compared to September of 2012.  Only 49% see the president as honest, 48% do not. A little over a year ago, that number was 60-35%.

Approval of congressional Republicans and Democrats is nearly tied. The GOP is upside down, 21-73%. Democrats sit at 26-68%.


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