Illegal Alien MS-13 Member Gets Life in Prison for U.S. Murder Rampage

Illegal Alien MS-13 Member Gets Life in Prison for U.S. Murder Rampage

New York, NY–An illegal alien who sneaked across the porousU.S./Mexico border from El Salvador to go on an MS-13 gang crime spree and murderrampage has been sentenced to life in a U.S. prison. 

Carlos Ortega (aka “Silencio”), a former MS-13 leader (Sitios LocosSalvatruchas clique of La Mara Salvatrucha), was sentence to life in prison after his March 21, 2013convictions for racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, murder, assaultwith dangerous weapons, and related firearms and conspiracy offenses,according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Ortega was a member of MS-13 in El Salvador. He illegally entered theU.S. and embarked on what authorities are calling a “swath of murder” by using guns, knives, clubs, and even machetes to kill his victims.

The Eastern District of New York’s U.S. Attorney Lorretta Lynchdescribed Ortega’s crimes and stated: “Ortega committed heinous acts ofviolence in the name of MS-13, cutting a swath of murder from Brentwoodto Far Rockaway, all within the span of a few weeks.” She added:will now have the rest of his life to contemplate the just results ofhis allegiance to the killing machine known as MS-13.”

The FBI’s assistant director-in-charge of the New York Field Office,George Venizelos, stated: “The victims were robbed of their futures bythe defendant’s senseless killing spree. His cowardly acts have earnedhim a life sentence.” He added: “The defendant’s imprisonment should be areminder to all those who participate in gang activity that violenceand victimization of the public will not be tolerated and will be metwith the full force of the FBI.”

The FBI describes MS-13 as an international street gang composedprimarily of immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. TheDEA describes MS-13 and a transnational criminal organization. TheUnited Nations describes MS-13 as a “mara” group, or internationalstreet gang, who is affiliated at low levels with Mexican cartels in theareas of migrant smuggling, human trafficking, and firearms smuggling.

Breitbart News has provided the indictment of Ortega below:

Illegal Alien Who Came For MS-13 Murder Rampage Gets Life In U.S. Prison


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