5-Year Old Faced Suspension for Making 'Gun Gesture'

5-Year Old Faced Suspension for Making 'Gun Gesture'

Pinewood Elementary School in Gaston County, North Carolina, tried to suspend a five-year-old boy last week for making a “gun gesture” with his hand while playing with friends on the playground. 

According to Charlotte’s WBTV, a one-day suspension was issued to the boy for making the gesture.  

However, the suspension “outraged” the boy’s father, David Hendrix, who stressed that his son was just “playing army.” He said he “felt like the punishment was way too severe.”

When Hendrix met with the principal to try to reverse the suspension, “the school didn’t budge.” Thus, he stepped up the pressure by requesting a meeting between himself, the principal, “and the school board, at their pleasure, anytime that night.”

Hendrix said “it was at that point [the principal] decided it was not worth the effort,” and the suspension was dropped. 

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