OFA Using Democratic Operatives to Push Obamacare Propaganda

OFA Using Democratic Operatives to Push Obamacare Propaganda

Weasel Zippers reported Wednesday that the supposedly “non-partisan” Organizing for Action (OFA) is relying heavily on Democratic operatives to push its pro-Obamacare propaganda.

This is the same organization whose 501 (c) 4 non-profit status was quickly approved by the Internal Revenue Service in January 2013, just weeks after it reconstituted itself from the highly partisan Obama for America 2012 Presidential election organization.


One Obamacare promotional video posted on the OFA website in particular caught the attention of Weasel Zippers, which reported it contains “various stories from people that Obamacare has supposedly helped. There are about 125 circles/ ‘stories’ on their map. Yet, the names are mostly listed without a last name, so it is tougher to track down the background of the people.”

Weasel Zippers noted that four of the Obamacare success stories “are OFA volunteers or Democratic Party operatives, and, just as an aside, not exactly the types one typically considers as poor – a clinical psychologist, a former assistant principal, a law student and a lawyer.”

According to Weasel Zippers, Ned, one of the four OFA volunteers, is actually Edward Woodrow Longshore II, an “attorney, with a practice of between $500,000 and $1 million a year.” Ned’s Facebook page shows he “is part of South Carolina Young Democrats.”

The second OFA volunteer featured as an Obamcare success story, Patti Orzel, “promotes every typical Democratic campaign, including ‘Ready For Hillary’ and anti-Scott Walker crew from Wisconsin.”

A third OFA volunteer, “clinical psychologist Virginia Lindahl is actually the OFA ‘digital lead’ for Virginia.”

On Wednesday, Breitbart’s Wynton Hall reported that at least one other Obamacare “success story” promoted by OFA came from Democratic activist Avram Friedman, a one-time candidate for governor in North Carolina’s Democratic primary.