Democrats Cannibalize Each Other over Obamacare

Democrats Cannibalize Each Other over Obamacare

Republicans are not the only ones looking to wield Obamacare as a political bludgeon come election time; Democratic primary challengers are using Obamacare to attack their own for the failed implementation of the controversial and unpopular health care program.

On Tuesday, Maryland Democratic gubernatorial primary challenger Attorney General Doug Gansler blasted his Democratic rival, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, for overseeing the state’s failed Obamacare exchange.

“Lt. Governor Brown mismanaged the exchange rollout, helped create the mess, and has failed every test of leadership to fix it,” Gansler told Fox News. 

Maryland’s state Obamacare exchange is so bad that nervous Democrats are now “considering drastic measures to address ongoing problems with their state-run Obamacare website, including sending people directly to the already-strained federal exchange,” reports Fox News.

Maryland Republican gubernatorial candidate David Craig said that is hardly a solution. 

“The Maryland site is a disaster, and the federal site is a semi-disaster, ” said Craig. 

How Democrats choose to use the unpopular Obamacare program to challenge party rivals could have important implications in general elections.  

While Gansler has blasted Brown for his role in the state’s failed Obamacare exchange, Gansler’s campaign website states he “was an early and ardent supporter of President Obama’s health care reform law.”