OK Rep Proposes Law to Protect Students Playing with Toy Guns

OK Rep Proposes Law to Protect Students Playing with Toy Guns

Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern (R) is reacting to the left’s anti-gun hysteria by pushing a law to protect Oklahoma school children who draw pictures of guns, fashion their hands into imaginary guns, or “[chew] their breakfast pastries into the shape of a gun.”

Citing a case in Maryland “where a boy was suspended from school for chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape of the gun,” Kern says she wants to introduce some “tolerance” into the left’s intolerance of guns.

On May 31, Breitbart News reported that Baltimore eight-year-old Josh Welch was indeed suspended for “biting his pop tart into the shape of a gun.” After so doing, the school said Welch said “inappropriate things” like “bang, bang,” while holding the pastry.

More recently in Scottsdale, AZ, another eight-year-old was “threatened with expulsion after drawing a picture of a soldier with a gun.”  

Kern believes these “zero tolerance” policies have simply gone too far. According to the Tulsa World, she has introduced the Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act, which will protect children who “[use] writing utensils, fingers or their hands to simulate a weapon” in the middle of play. Kern’s law would also protect kids who wear clothes that “support or advance Second Amendment rights or organizations” like the NRA.

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