100% Increase in Previously-Deported Sex Offenders Illegally Returning from Mexico

100% Increase in Previously-Deported Sex Offenders Illegally Returning from Mexico

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) is reporting that one sector of the U.S./Mexico border has seen a 100% increase in the number of illegal aliens, previously deported for criminal sexual offenses, apprehended while attempting to illegally re-enter the United States. 

The comparison is between Fiscal Year 2013 and Fiscal Year 2014.

The Del Rio Border Patrol sector, one of nine in total that exist along the U.S./Mexico border, is one of the less active sectors, and the CBP did not release information from the more active sectors. The sector, however, has seen eight previously-deported sex offenders in Fiscal Year 2014 alone, which began on October 1, 2013. The sector saw a total of sixteen previously deported sex offenders in the entire Fiscal Year 2013.

These numbers only represent the number of illegal alien sex offenders who are actually caught by Border Patrol agents, and the numbers do not represent the numbers who do not get caught — a number that is likely much higher. Further, these numbers are from one of nine sectors, and that the Del Rio sector is not as active with illegal crossings as are others; the numbers from all nine sectors are likely much higher.

The most recent case involves an illegal alien from Guatemala who was previously convicted in the U.S. of “Criminal Sexual Conduct- 2nd Degree-Sexual Contact” while he was illegally in the U.S previously. He was deported, then attempted his return. The illegal alien sex offender, Jose Bernal Barrientos-Mayorga, was referred to in a CBP press release as an “undocumented immigrant” rather than the legal term.

These cases echo another recent egregious situation where an illegal alien illegally entered the U.S., was deported, came back and sexually assaulted a woman in Houston, Texas, was deported again after prison, and then came right back illegally. In that case, the sex offender was simply set to be deported again by U.S. authorities.


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