PA Judge Strikes Down Voter ID

PA Judge Strikes Down Voter ID

On Friday, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley ruled that the state’s voter identification law was unconstitutional. Citing the fact that the state had 71 drivers license centers and that some were open only two days a week, McGinley stated that it was too burdensome to require that people get IDs before voting. 

The process, he said, put “hundreds of thousands of electors who lack compliant photo ID” in a position of hardship. He also stated that the state had demonstrated “any evidence of in-person voter fraud” – fraud that would be difficult to catch without voter ID in the first place.

The Pennsylvania voter ID law was passed in March 2012 over unanimous Democratic opposition. A state judge suspended the law before the 2012 election. The state will appeal the ruling to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Just five days ago, The New York Times reported on a scandal in Texas in which campaign workers had been paying potential voters $10 to vote. Some voters were paid $3 for their votes. 


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