Oklahoma GOP Pass Resolution to Oppose Common Core

Oklahoma GOP Pass Resolution to Oppose Common Core

The Oklahoma GOP has passed a resolution to oppose Common Core standards in the state, promising to protect the Oklahoma education system.

RESOLVED, The State Committee of the Oklahoma Republican Party stands in opposition to Common Core Standards (by any name) and strongly urges the 2014 Oklahoma Legislature to honor and comply with Governor Mary Fallin’s Executive Order 2013-40 signed December 4, 2013 and take concrete action to stop or delay the implementation of CCSS and cease participation in NCLB [No Child Left Behind] waiver requirements pertaining to CCSS;

Additonally, they also resolved to urge the education board and legislature to comply with Governor Mary Fallin (R) to stop any federal intrusion on Oklahoma academics and protect every student’s privacy. Another resolution said both should consider any bill that would repeal or limit Common Core.

In November, Senate Bill 1146 was filed by Senator Eddie Fields (R-Wyonna) to stop Common Core implementation in the state. His daughter’s homework inspired him, along with the threat of nationalization.

“My fourth grade daughter, who is very bright, brought home a Common Core math book that was aimed at the junior or senior high school level,” he said.

In addition, Fields said he is concerned with the loss of localism brought about by the Common Core standards’ drive toward nationalization.

“You can’t compare Oklahoma to Massachusetts,” he said. “The social and economic status of Oklahoma is far different from that of Massachusetts or any other state.”

He said he did not like that there are no exemptions for special-needs students or those who want to pursue a vocational career. The grassroots organizations in Oklahoma support the bill.

Jenni White, founder of Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE), says her organization is “very excited” about Fields’ bill.

“[It is] opening a door for legislators to further think about the possibility of stopping Common Core,” White says.

She remains “cautiously optimistic” SB 1146 will receive a fair hearing.


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