Intruder Fatally Shot After Trying to Rob Retired Cop's Home

Intruder Fatally Shot After Trying to Rob Retired Cop's Home

On March 31, 2013 at 10:30 PM, two home intruders were banging against West Taylor’s front door, allegedly intent on raiding his home for prescription drugs. Taylor met them at the door with a semi-automatic handgun–killing one and shooting at the female accomplice as she fled.

The would-be invaders had picked the wrong home in Calvert County, Maryland. Taylor is a retired D.C. policeman with handguns placed in key locations around his home for self-defense purposes.

NRA News’ Ginny Simone recently covered Taylor’s story with a video in which Taylor tells what transpired that night:

I heard some banging noises…[and] came downstairs after retrieving my Walther PPK. …I could see through the frosted glass of the front door that someone was out there. I opened the… door, and as I did so, there were two subjects there, wearing hoodies all cinched up, masks over their faces, and just their eyes exposed.

Taylor later realized there was one male intruder and one female, and he figured out the male had scoped out his house while spraying for pests with a pest control company. He said the attackers had “apparently” decided that Mr. Taylor and his wife would be easy targets, because they were “elderly and couldn’t defend [themselves].”

Taylor said “the subject to [his] left said, ‘Hey motherf—er'” and lunged at him while “the subject on the right pulled out an aluminum baseball bat [and] raised it up to strike [him].” That’s when Taylor fell back, drew his handgun, and “fired several shots.” 

The male attacker dropped in the front yard. When Taylor went out to investigate, the female accomplice put the getaway car in reverse to run him over. Taylor raised a Glock he had retrieved on the way out of the house and “fired several shots through the car’s back window.” The accomplice put the vehicle in drive and sped off.

The male intruder was dead. The female accomplice was later apprehended at a home she shared with the deceased intruder. 

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