Michael Bloomberg: Amnesty Needed to Prevent 'National Suicide'

Michael Bloomberg: Amnesty Needed to Prevent 'National Suicide'

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was not an “exaggeration” to say America would be committing “national suicide” if it does not pass amnesty legislation. 

“Our current immigration laws are national suicide,” Bloomberg said on Friday at an immigration summit in Washington. “I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.”

Bloomberg, who spent most of 2013 financing campaigns for more gun control and intends to focus on amnesty in 2014, then offered some unsolicited advice to Republicans, saying that the GOP also will not have a future if it does not embrace more amnesty.

“If you are against the fastest-growing voting bloc in the country, you and your party don’t have a future,” Bloomberg also said

Many House Republicans disagree with Bloomberg’s assessment, though, and believe amnesty legislation will actually threaten the country’s future. As Breitbart’s Matt Boyle reported, 16 House Republicans recently proclaimed that amnesty legislation would be the “final economic blow” for American workers. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has also determined that the Senate’s immigration bill would lower the wages of American workers.


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