White House on Obamacare Website: 'Always Going to Be Issues'

White House on Obamacare Website: 'Always Going to Be Issues'

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney brushed off questions from reporters Monday over the Obama administration’s failure to build an Obamacare appeals and error corrections system in the wake of revelations that 22,000 Americans have filed complaints over incorrect subsidies and inaccurate deductible calculations.

“I doubt that there’s any website that is perfect, so there are always going to be issues,” said Carney. “And that’s why we have a team of experts on top of it.”

Carney shrugged off concerns over the non-existent Obamacare appeals system and said the 22,000 Americans left in limbo represented “a very small percentage” of those who have signed up for the unpopular Obamacare program.

“[Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services] is also working to implement fully an automated appeals system. Until they have that functionality, we’ve put in place a manual review process – again, phone and email – wherever possible and expect hearings to begin soon on the appeals process.”

The Obamacare website’s inability to handle and correct errors has sparked chaos for many enrollees. Addie Wilson of West Virginia told the Washington Post her Obamacare plan is charging her $100 a month more than it should and has set her deductible over $4,000 higher than what she should have received.

“It is definitely frustrating and not fair,” said Wilson.

According to the RealClearPolitics poll average, just 38% of Americans now approve of Obamacare.


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