Exclusive-Trump: Andrew Cuomo 'Scared of Me'

Exclusive-Trump: Andrew Cuomo 'Scared of Me'

With speculation building that he may jump in the campaign for New York governor as a Republican, Donald Trump is now taunting Democrat incumbent Andrew Cuomo. 

“Andrew Cuomo is obviously scared of me and now stealing my proposals,” Trump said in an email to Breitbart News.

The real estate magnate, television star, and conservative provocateur was referring to Cuomo’s conservative policy of reducing toll fares to cross Staten Island’s Verrazano Bridge–a policy that Trump first proposed more than a month ago.

“However, his toll cut is minuscule compared to the 50% cut I would deliver on day one as Governor,” Trump said.

The New York Daily News reported on Thursday that Cuomo – who recently told conservatives to leave New York — is cutting toll fares because the economy is bad.

“The economy is very tough, and when you have those kinds of tolls it makes life very, very difficult,” Cuomo said when making the tax cut. “So this break on the tolls, I think, is going to make a major difference.”

Trump thinks that Cuomo is only pushing conservative policies like toll fare cuts to save himself in an election year. “Andrew is a terrible governor and he does not want anyone to expose his real record,” Trump added in his email to Breitbart News. “Next he will take my other public advice and get married. His wife should thank me.”

New York GOP county leaders have been attempting to recruit Trump to run for governor against Cuomo, but Trump says he will not run if there is a GOP primary. Nonetheless, in a series of policy-centric speeches over the course of December and January, Trump has proposed cutting all state taxes–including such toll fares–in half if he ran for, and was elected, governor.

An aide to Trump told Breitbart News that the business leader told a “record crowd” in Buffalo last week that Cuomo will “follow his lead” on issues like tax cuts “before the election.” The aide added that Trump will be speaking to the New York County Lincoln Day Dinner next Wednesday in the Grand Hyatt “where he promises to deliver another policy centric speech.”


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