Obamacare Is the Issue, Mr. Speaker

Obamacare Is the Issue, Mr. Speaker

After flirting with the idea of pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants, Speaker John Boehner reportedly put the brakes on this effort late this week. Something finally became clear to him that we knew all along: conservatives don’t want amnesty, and we didn’t send Republicans to Washington, D.C. to focus on rewarding illegal behavior.

Speaker Boehner, let me remind you that Obamacare went into full effect just a few months ago and THAT is the war you should be waging: holding liberals accountable for this horrible law.

President Obama’s healthcare takeover was rolled out not long ago, and already more and more Americans are realizing what conservatives knew all along: that Obamacare is bad medicine. Millions have lost their health insurance since Obamacare was implemented, and a recent CBO report showed that Obamacare will push over two million Americans out of the job market

With the 2014 elections coming up later this year, while Obama and his liberal allies’ signature healthcare law is crumbling before our very eyes, now is the time to hold their feet to the fire about Obamacare. The last thing we should do is give into their screams and attempts to deflect from the issue of Obamacare by appeasing them and attempting to pass amnesty.

Rather than play into liberals’ hands, let’s remind them of Nancy Pelosi’s claim that Obamacare would ultimately create four million jobs and would create 400,000 jobs immediately, and how utterly false that claim was. Pelosi should consider following fellow California liberals George Miller and Henry Waxman out the door. We are in a fight to save this country and to restore the principles of our Founding Fathers. Now is the time to fight for our conservative values, to aid conservatives in maintaining their House majority, and to win back the Senate, not play into Democrats’ hands.

Speaker Boehner: it will not serve you well to forget who won you the House in the first place. You must continue to hold liberals accountable for the disaster that is Obamacare and help us elect more conservatives. Do not play into the hands of the left. It will backfire.