Arctic Cold Front Hits D.C. and the South, Federal Gov't Shuts Down Again

Arctic Cold Front Hits D.C. and the South, Federal Gov't Shuts Down Again

The Federal government is shuttered once again as torrential snow and ice beset the nation’s capital, prompting the House and Senate to cancel votes scheduled for Monday evening. The nation’s capital has declared a snow emergency that went into effect at 7 AM Monday. 

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency Monday morning. The declaration allows state agencies to prepare to assist local governments in responding to the storm. Nearly 2,500 customers were without power around 8 AM Monday, mostly in northern Virginia.

It’s no small irony that, in an administration so entrenched in global warming ideology, the nation has been beleaguered by record snow and freezing temperatures. Last month, the president announced he is arranging a United Nations Summit on global warming next year. Recently, President Obama tied the drought in California to global warming, and Secretary of State John Kerry said that global warming was as dangerous as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. For Kerry, global warming is the “greatest challenge of our generation.”

For other residents in the D.C. area, global warming doesn’t seem to be their major concern; they are worn out by yet another snowstorm. Hazel Miller of Alexandria shoveled the driveway of her mother’s home outside Marshall, VA and said she’s tired of the weather. “I hate it! It seems like there’s more ice in it than last time; I drove through this nonsense and the wind was blowing my SUV everywhere.”

At Reagan National Airport, there have been over 500 flight cancellations. The gates are empty and no one is flying anywhere. Already this morning there have been over two thousand cancellations nationwide, and officials expect that number to rise. Around airports across the nation, they are de-icing planes. From Philadelphia all the way up the east coast and the Ohio Valley as well, ice, snow, car accidents, traffic snarls, and flight cancellations have been a way of life this winter. Since the beginning of the new year, the nation has had more cancellations alone since the first six months of 2013 and the first nine months of 2012.

The record-shattering cold in the northern United States is a result of an Arctic cold front, while a moisture-infused southern storm collided. According to Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang, “The result is crashing temperatures, and rain changing to ice and then heavy snow. We expect 5-9 inches of snow to fall across the region through Monday afternoon on top of a slick layer of sleet.”


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