President Admits Obamacare Might Mean Losing Your Doctor

President Admits Obamacare Might Mean Losing Your Doctor

While sitting in front of a portrait of George Washington Thursday, President Obama admitted that the average person might have to lose their doctor under his signature healthcare law.

Obama’s statement is a 180 degree turn from the “If you like your doctor then you can keep your doctor” mantra that he so often repeated during his promotion of Obamacare before the law took effect on October 1.

Obama asserted that those who don’t have “healthcare initially are going to have to make some choices and they might have to switch doctors.” Obama contended that they will be losing their doctors but might end up saving some money. The president said that there is “good news” as well “because in most states people will have more than one option.”

Unfortunately, Obama admitted that while Americans will have a choice, they may find that their “doctor or network or hospital that is conveniently located” are only covered in another, more expensive plan. In that case, the president says Americans have to make a decision as to “what’s right for your family”.


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