Moms Demand Action Falsely Claims It Brought Down Pro-Gun Billboard

Moms Demand Action Falsely Claims It Brought Down Pro-Gun Billboard

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) claims their campaign against a pro-gun billboard in Chicago resulted in that billboard coming down. In truth, however, The Washington Times reported the pro-gun advertisement came down because the company behind it had only leased the billboard for two months.

On February 2nd, Breitbart News reported that the billboard on I-55 in Chicago had images of a baseball mitt, an apple pie, and an AR-15. The caption under the images said, “Pure American.”  

MDA demanded the billboard be taken down, but Lamar Advertising said no. Lamar’s Vice President of Governmental Relations Hal Kilshaw said, “We try not to run copy that’s offensive, but the standard can’t mean it can’t offend anyone. (Otherwise) we wouldn’t be able to run a McDonald’s ad because some people think McDonald’s products are unhealthy.” 

So the pro-gun advertisement remained, but when it came down following the completion of its two month lease, MDA claimed victory. 

This is not the first time MDA has claimed victory where there was none. They claimed victory in their campaign to have guns banned from Starbucks–although Starbucks did not ban guns. And they claimed victory in their campaign to force Facebook to abolish gun advertisements and chats on the social media platform–although Facebook did not capitulate on these issues either. 

Moreover, just as MDA’s campaign against the pro-gun billboard in Chicago was unsuccessful, so too their current campaign against Staples stores has been fruitless. 

On March 6th, Breitbart News reported that MDA was kicked off Staples’ property when they tried to deliver their anti-gun demands to Staples CEO Ron Sargent.

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