RNC Chair Priebus Challenges Elizabeth Warren to Release Records in Native American Ancestry Controversy

RNC Chair Priebus Challenges Elizabeth Warren to Release Records in Native American Ancestry Controversy

On the second anniversary of the date the Boston Herald broke the story of the controversy surrounding Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) false claims of Native American ancestry, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus challenged Warren to release her Harvard employment records.

“With Elizabeth Warren challenging Hillary Clinton for the liberal mantle of the Democrat Party, we’re calling on Warren to release her full employment records from Harvard University,” Priebus said in a statement Sunday. “For two full years, Warren’s stonewalling of the media has left more questions than answers, and the only way to put this issue to rest once and for all is by finally releasing her personnel records.”

Priebus indicated that the recent publication of Senator Warren’s book, A Fighting Chance, and her current high profile book tour are indications that she is considering a presidential run in 2016. 

As Breitbart News has documented in exhaustive detail, she has zero provable Native American ancestry. Warren has claimed to be Native American, Cherokee in particular, based solely on “family lore,” but has never identified any specific ancestor upon whom she bases that claim.

Priebus repeats a minor error often repeated in coverage of the issue, saying Warren had claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee Indian. Warren herself has never claimed any specific amount of ancestry — the number came from press reports that were later proven to be wrong.

Sunday’s statement by Chairman Priebus was significant because it indicates the Republican National Committee believes that Senator Warren is considering a 2016 presidential run and that she has vulnerabilities, as well as strengths, as a national candidate.

Senator Warren’s strengths are her ability to inspire the hard core left base of the Democratic party and raise money. Her weaknesses lie in the demonstrable falsehoods of her personal narrative, and her track record of parlaying false claims of Native American ancestry into professional benefit.

On Monday, RNC spokesman Raffi Williams told Breitbart News “Elizabeth Warren can continue toying with the Democrat base claiming she ‘isn’t running,’ but we’ll see what happens when the calls get louder after liberal activists realize President Obama’s former Secretary of State is more of a blast from the past than the wave of the future.” 

Williams added that “we at the National Committee will continue to hold her feet to the fire and make sure that voters know the truth about Warren.”