Guns Prohibited in FedEx Warehouse Where Gunman Opened Fire

Guns Prohibited in FedEx Warehouse Where Gunman Opened Fire

Signage at the entry of the Kennesaw, Georgia, FedEx warehouse where a gunman went on an April 29th rampage clearly indicates no guns are allowed in the building.

In other words, the FedEx warehouse joins a growing and infamous list of “gun-free zones” that have proved to be target-rich environments for men determined to carry out heinous acts. acquired a photo, originally published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Twitter account, of the sign which bans guns and appears to ban knives as well.

Ironically, the Associated Press reports the FedEx gunman also “held a knife” during the early stages of his attack, so that ban was not effective either.

If you consider the heinous attacks at Ft. Hood (2009), the Aurora movie theater, Lone Star College, Sandy Hook Elementary, Santa Monica College, the DC Navy Yard, and Ft. Hood (2014), to name but a few, the types of gun used were extremely disparate. The common thread in all these heinous acts is that they took place in locations where the gunman knew his victims would not be armed.

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