Palin to GOP Establishment: 'Knock Off the Gloating'

Palin to GOP Establishment: 'Knock Off the Gloating'

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had a message for Republican establishment operatives who could not resist slamming Tea Partiers and the conservative grassroots after candidates favored by the establishment won Tuesday’s primary contests from Ohio to North Carolina: knock it off! 

“Congratulations to candidates in yesterday’s small pool of state primary elections who will now move on to their respective general elections,” Palin wrote on Wednesday. “Now, knock off the gloating.”

After House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) won his primary, North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis avoided a runoff to secure the GOP’s Senate nomination, and other incumbents prevailed against underfunded Tea Party challengers, establishment Republican consultants gloated and showed their disdain for conservatives and Tea Partiers who are the party’s foot soldiers. 

Palin called on the Republican establishment to “ratchet any kind of arrogance way down and get in touch with independent, constitutional conservatives who build the base of the party.”

“They do the thankless work to put boots on the ground for your campaigns, and they show up to vote if you give us good reason to vote,” she said. “Anything less and we will not secure victory for America this fall.”

Palin warned the high paid D.C. consultants who often call for “unity” and claim to place “winning” above all else that their gloating often undermines those efforts, causes apathy, and hurts the Republican candidate in the fall. Palin simply said, “It’s not about you”:

Surely, politicians and high paid D.C. consultants, you realize we all need to work together after these valuable competitive primaries that offer good debate and clear awareness of candidates’ positions, right? It’s extremely off-putting to witness post-primary smugness. Well-funded campaigns that rub a victory in the face of primary challengers’ supporters sure don’t endear the winning campaign to voters who are beyond tired of the selfish political games that have gotten the country into the mess we’re in. Your gloating causes apathy, if not downright disgust, among concerned citizens who want to remind you: “It’s not about you.”

You’re perpetuating an “us versus them” mentality with this gloating. That does our cause of defending our republic and all our freedoms and opportunities no good. Are we not on the same side, standing firm on all platform planks that empower the people instead of growing government? The people you’re mocking comprise the base of your own party, remember? To paraphrase the great Ronald Reagan: Rein it in and humbly learn how much we can accomplish together for America when we don’t care who gets the credit.

Before linking to a Breitbart News report on the establishment’s gloating, Palin declared: “Bottom line: Politicos, more friends are needed leading up to the general election. Poking potential friends in the eye doesn’t earn the allies needed to win.”


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