Pro-Life Community Responds to Emily Letts' Video of Aborting Her Own Child

Pro-Life Community Responds to Emily Letts' Video of Aborting Her Own Child

Members of the pro-life community are responding to 25 year-old New Jersey abortion clinic worker Emily Letts, who decided to film her own abortion in order to be an inspiration to other women.

As Breitbart News’ William Bigelow reported Monday, Letts’ story at ThinkProgress emphasized how pain-free and safe the procedure was–for her.

“Of course, it wasn’t so pain-free and safe for the baby, but there is no mention of the baby in the entire article – or, for that matter, his or her father,” wrote Bigelow.

In fact, in her own essay at about filming her abortion, Letts says, “The guy wasn’t involved in my decision.”

“Letts’s campaign to normalize the execution of a child lies to all of us,” said Live Action president Lila Rose in an email statement to Breitbart News.

Rose continued:

She claims to film an abortion, but that is the one thing we don’t see. We don’t see the powerful suction machine ripping the developing embryo from the safe harbor of Letts’s uterus. We don’t see the child’s delicate arm and leg buds ripped apart by the force of the suction tube, or the child’s body parts floating afterward in a pool of blood and amniotic fluid in a medical receptacle. All we see is Letts’s smile, not her victim. In a society that religiously ignores the victim, we will never achieve lasting peace.

“Letts’s triumphant smile after her child has been torn apart by a suction tube is a grotesque testament to a society that has come to embrace the slaughter of a child as ’empowerment,'” Rose added. 

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America (SFLA), told Breitbart News that while Letts set out to make what she called a positive abortion experience story, it doesn’t take long to conclude that her abortion was not a positive decision for her or her child.

Hawkins said:

First consider the part of her story before filming begins – how did this young woman end up alone and pregnant? With no help from the child’s father or any of her family members, Ms. Letts goes in for her abortion being supported by the medical team she is paying to abort her child. Of course they are supporting her – their paycheck is determined by offering women the “support” they need to make this lucrative decision. It is also nice that the abortion team had on their “camera faces” and that this thankfully appeared to be filmed in a clean facility – but that is not what every woman gets who goes in for an abortion. Just think of Kermit Gosnell – do you think he held any of the women’s hands as he aborted their children on his blood stained table?

Hawkins notes the irony of Letts’ statement at the end of the video, “I feel in awe that I can make a baby – I can make a life!”

“Yeah, she helped make a baby and then she paid an abortionist to kill it,” said Hawkins. “The fact that this young woman is so disconnected from her words to her actions is shocking to those of us who know we just watched a preborn baby girl or boy die.”

Hawkins went on to say it is this kind of “disconnection” that Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby want. 

“If Letts was truly proud of choice, why not show what or who was suctioned out of her?” Hawkins asked. “Sadly, Ms. Letts made the most selfish decision a mother can make, one that can never be celebrated.” 

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, also commented on Letts’ video of the abortion of her baby through the lens of his own experience ministering to women who have had abortions. 

“Actually, Emily did not film her abortion. She filmed her smiles and sighs during a procedure which we take her at her word was an abortion,” said Father Pavone in a statement to Breitbart News. “But to really film an abortion, you have to film the arms and legs of the baby being ripped apart and the head being crushed. That’s not so good for abortion clinic PR. (See”

“Furthermore, as Pastoral Director of Rachel’s Vineyard and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, the world’s largest ministries dealing with the aftermath of abortion, I have ministered to many women whose initial response to abortion was relief and who, when the relief wore off, entered the darkest phase of their lives,” Pavone added. “Their stories, at, are getting more and more attention. Perhaps that’s why abortion salespersons feel the need to get a ‘positive abortion story’ out there.”

“We have nothing but compassion for Emily,” he said. “When she hits bottom, our door will be open for her, too.”