David Perdue Fights Tax Blooper as Karen Handel Seizes New Momentum in Georgia Senate Race

David Perdue Fights Tax Blooper as Karen Handel Seizes New Momentum in Georgia Senate Race

Businessman David Perdue continues to lead the polls for the Georgia Senate race, but a recent blooper on taxes may shake up the race as the candidates prepare for Tuesday’s election.

Perdue gave his opponents a golden opportunity after he agreed to not only cut spending, but raise revenues in an editorial board meeting with the Macon Telegraph.

In audio released by the Telegraph, Perdue chuckled after one of the members of the editorial board slyly noted that raising revenue was a “euphemism for some kind of tax increase.”

Handel said that by failing to clarify his position on taxes, he failed a key test.

But Perdue, who signed the Americans For Tax Reform pledge a week earlier, claims he has no intention of raising taxes.

Purdue quickly clarified his position on Herman Cain’s radio show who agreed that the attacks and media stories were “misleading.”

“I’ve never supported tax increases to solve the debt crisis,” Perdue insisted.

But Handel believed that it was one more sign of a candidate that has struggled in the past to clarify his political positions.

Perdue’s campaign decried tax attacks from his Republican opponents as “deceitful” and “outrageous.”

Perdue will likely earn first place in Tuesday’s election but none of the candidates will beat the 50 percent threshold to avoid a runoff race.

Handel gained new political momentum ahead of Tuesday’s Georgia primary in which she hopes to beat three Georgia Republican Congressmen – Rep. Jack Kingston, Rep. Paul Broun, and Rep. Phil Gingrey.

A May 15 Insider Advantage poll showed Kingston at 19 percent and Handel at 17. Perdue was in the lead with 27 percent.

Should Perdue take a hit in the polls, Kingston or Handel are likely the beneficiaries.

In spite of her less-than-impressive fundraising numbers, Handel has received a series of endorsements that have given her momentum ahead of Tuesday’s primary. 

Former Senator Rick Santorum endorsed Handel on Friday, calling her a “committed conservative who has an undisputed record of fighting for pro-life causes.”

Handel has also received endorsements from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as well as a series of endorsements from local conservatives including local radio show host Erick Erickson.

Whoever wins second place in Tuesday’s election will continue to battle the likely first place winner Perdue until the run-off election which will be held in July.

But Handel signaled that she’s prepared for the challenge, even though the well-funded businessman Perdue will continue.