Top Three GOP GA Senate Candidates Signed New Anti-Amnesty Pledge

The three top vote-getters in Georgia’s GOP primary for U.S. Senate all oppose amnesty and an increase in legal immigration while American workers economically struggle, early return results show.

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), businessman David Perdue and former Secretary of State Karen Handel have all signed the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) pledge against amnesty and an increase in legal immigration.

FAIR’s pledge includes three planks. The first is to oppose “any form of work authorization” for illegal aliens. The second is to oppose legislation that would increase the number of legal immigrants. The third is to oppose bills that increase the number of “guest workers.”

Each of those planks are policies that are in direct contradiction to policies the Chamber of Commerce–a business-backed GOP establishment organization–has lobbied for. The Chamber openly supports amnesty for illegal aliens, an increase in the number of legal immigrants in the country right now and an increase in guest workers allowed to enter the U.S.

Interestingly enough, despite Kingston’s opposition to the Chamber of Commerce’s immigration policies, the organization did endorse him in the primary and spend money on his behalf.

Julia Hahn, the executive producer for radio’s Laura Ingraham–a nationally syndicated host who supports the FAIR pledge and has promoted it frequently on air–said in an email once all major candidates had signed the pledge that it means whoever wins the nomination will fight for American workers against corporate interests seeking cheap labor.

“This significant development indicates that whomever the GOP nominates in Georgia, he or she will side with Georgia workers of all backgrounds, and will stand against the Democratic Party and crony corporations that are trying to undermine American jobs and wages,” Hahn wrote. “Hopefully, whichever candidate ultimately wins the primary will point out how Harry Reid and Senate Democrats’ policies will be devastating for ALL Georgia workers. This is a significant and important development in the conservative movement and its effort to rebrand itself as the party of the American worker.”

Returns are still coming in as of this story’s publication and the race has not been called yet, but the top three vote-getters are–barring an anomaly–going to be Kingston, Perdue and Handel.