Letter Campaign Urges Oklahoma's Mary Fallin to Repeal Common Core

Letter Campaign Urges Oklahoma's Mary Fallin to Repeal Common Core

In the wake of the Oklahoma state legislature’s overwhelming approval of a bill to repeal and replace the Common Core standards, Restore Oklahoma Public Education (R.O.P.E.) has begun a letter-writing campaign to urge Fallin to sign the bill.

Gov. Mary Fallin (R) of Oklahoma could become the first governor in the nation to fully repeal the Common Core standards. Fallin has until June 2 to sign HB3399; if she chooses not to, the bill will die by pocket veto.

“We must begin IMMEDIATELY to ask our Governor to sign this bill into law,” R.O.P.E. president Jenni White writes on the group’s website. “Toward that end, we have written two separate letters. One is for Oklahomans to use and the other may be used by anyone outside the state who would like to participate.”

R.O.P.E. urges:

* Copy and paste the letter of your choice (you can modify them or write your own as well) into an email. Sample letters for both Oklahomans and Americans from other states are available on the R.O.P.E. website.

* Send it to Mary.Fallin@gov.ok.gov

* CC it to this address pleasesignHB3399@mail.com so that we can keep track of the number of emails sent

* If you live in Oklahoma, please also CC your state Representative and Senator so there is a record of the correspondence

* If you live outside the state, please identify your state in your correspondence

* Please send emails to Gov. Fallin prior to Wednesday, May 28th.

If there are problems with the email address listed, letter writers can also contact Gov. Fallin through the Contact page on the state website.

“The more letters we can get to her, the better off we’ll be,” states R.O.P.E.


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