Colt Boosts Handgun Production 50 Percent to Meet Demand

Colt Boosts Handgun Production 50 Percent to Meet Demand

Firearm sales are booming, and handgun sales are a huge part of that. As a result, Colt’s Manufacturing is boosting handgun production by 50 percent to keep up with demand.

According to CNN Money, Colt sold “twelve times as many handguns early this year than it did in 2013.”

The impetus behind handgun popularity is a combination of self-defense concerns and concerns over the Obama administration’s penchant for gun control.

The self-defense part of the drive means the most popular handguns are compact ones, as these are the guns that are best for concealed carry. 

With this in mind, Colt “recently unveiled a new compact handgun”: the .380 caliber Mustang Pocketlite. At just 11.8 ounces, this gun hits a niche that Glock is aiming for with its model 42 in .380 and that Springfield Armory first moved toward with its XDS .45.

Concealed carry permits “jumped 30% … between 2000 and 2012,” and Colt wants the Mustang Pocketlite to be a go-to gun for many of those concealed carry permit holders. 

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