Ingraham To Appear With Cantor Challenger At Rally Tonight

Ingraham To Appear With Cantor Challenger At Rally Tonight

RICHMOND, Virginia–Ahead of a campaign rally here with radio host Laura Ingraham, the long-shot primary challenger to Majority Leader Eric Cantor is warning that Cantor, who recently touted himself as an anti-amnesty warrior in campaign literature, will revert back to form shortly after the primary election June 10 if he wins.

“Eric Cantor has done a 180 [on amnesty for illegal aliens] in the past week, and yet he has left some language ‘openings’ so that he can pivot back if he is re-elected,” Randolph-Macon economics professor David Brat, who is challenging Cantor in the primary, said in a statement.

Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, who has endorsed Brat, will be the featured speaker at a Brat campaign rally in Richmond Tuesday evening.

Brat is expected to continue his attacks on Cantor’s recent switches on amnesty.

“At the rally, Ingraham and Brat will detail and document Cantor’s shocking deception with regards to his stance on immigration and his relentless push for amnesty,” Ingraham’s office said in a media advisory.

Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and Tea Party-backed Shak Hill, who is challenging establishment backed Ed Gillespie for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Virginia, will also speak at the event.

Cantor has generally gotten good marks from anti-amnesty group NumbersUSA on its voting scorecard over the course of his career, and he has opposed the Senate “Gang of Eight” bill. However, following the 2012 elections, Cantor made support for the principles of the “DREAM Act” part of a major rebranding effort. He also supports the “ENLIST Act,” which would grant amnesty to illegal aliens who came to the U.S. as minors (“DREAMers”) if they enlist in the military.

Cantor also endorsed the House GOP’s immigration “principles” that call for legal status for millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. now, but not citizenship. He supports increasing the number of visas for high-skilled workers.



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