Evicted Veteran Lives In His Car In Memphis, VA Gives No Aid

Evicted Veteran Lives In His Car In Memphis, VA Gives No Aid

Former Marine Lonnie Whitfield was “evicted from his apartment a few weeks ago” and now lives in his car in Memphis, Tennessee.

Whitfield studies accounting at Southwest Community College, “using VA benefits.” After school he goes “to McDonald’s to do homework”

According to Fox 13 Memphis, Whitfield said: “I just spend most of my days at school trying to get as much, trying to stay as occupied, as busy doing as much homework as I can. Try to get ahead of the game so I can stay out of the heat.”

Whitfield says he reached out to a housing project for veterans called Hud-Vash. “It’s run through VA hospitals around the country in partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.” He says that when he reaches out to them he is told he is “too young to be homeless” and too young “to have any kind of problems.” He said the VA passes him from phone to phone, but nothing gets done. 

The Memphis VA refuses to talk to the media about Whitfield’s case.

Whitfield says simply: “Just point me somewhere and let me know something. But the only thing I was told was leave a number and we’ll call you back eventually.” 

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