Gallup: Confidence In Presidency Craters Under Obama

Gallup: Confidence In Presidency Craters Under Obama

In Gallup’s annual survey of public confidence in a number of American institutions, confidence in the American presidency has dropped from 51% in June of 2009 to just 29% today. That number represents a personal low for Obama and a 7% drop over the previous year.

Obama’s numbers are now similar to these of his predecessor, President George W. Bush, whose last two years in office saw this number drop to 25% in 2007 and 26% in 2008.

With the arrival of a new president, in June of 2009, especially one riding a wave of “hope and change” and unprecedented media adulation, public confidence in the presidency soared to 51%. After nearly 6 years of failed domestic and overseas policies, numerous scandals, and an overall sense of incompetence, the public is as soured as Obama as they were with Bush.

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