Woman Takes Carjacker's Gun, Shoots Him with It

Woman Takes Carjacker's Gun, Shoots Him with It

On July 12 an Atlanta woman took away a carjacker’s gun and shot him while he was “biting and grabbing her.”

According to Opposing Views, the woman got into her car and looked up to see suspect Sebastian Fontana walking toward her “with a gun.” She locked the doors, but Fontana pointed the gun and told her to let him in. 

She did so, and he said, “Now we’re going to have some fun.” 

Before Fontana could do anything, however, he became “frustrated” that the car was manual instead of automatic and put down his gun to figure out how to operate the stick shift. At that point the woman grabbed the gun and tried to exit the vehicle while the suspect bit and grabbed her. 

She then shot him so “she could get away.”

Fontana is now hospitalized and faces “charges for assault, battery, kidnapping, and carjacking of a motor vehicle.”

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