St. Louis Resident May Have Live-Tweeted Michael Brown Shooting

St. Louis Resident May Have Live-Tweeted Michael Brown Shooting

A Twitter user, @TheePharoah, may have live-tweeted the shooting and death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, over the weekend.

Rolling Stone writer Tim Dickinson discovered the Tweets, which included a photo that appears to be of Michael Brown’s body on the street. The Twitter user, who lists “St. Louis” as his location, said police shot someone in front of his apartment and there was blood all over the street.

“I JUST SAW SOMEONE DIE OMFG,” @TheePharoah wrote before tweeting a photo of what appears to be a dead body on August 9th at 1:05 PM local time. “The police just shot someone dead in front of my crib yo.”

The media, though, may not get any more information from @TheePharoah – the Twitter user has warned the media that he does not intend to speak about the incident.

“I will tell you i know nothing,” @TheePharoah wrote in a subsequent Tweet.

Police have clashed with Ferguson residents, who have looted and rioted, since the incident. On Friday, Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson released a video that allegedly shows Brown robbing a convenience store and shoving and threatening the clerk before his fatal encounter with police. Jackson also revealed that Darren Wilson, the officer who stopped and killed Brown, did not know that Brown had allegedly robbed a convenience store earlier in the day.

Here are the tweets, most of which were curated by Dickinson:


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