Breitbart News Reporter Arrested In Ferguson

Breitbart News Reporter Arrested In Ferguson

Breitbart News reporter Kerry Picket was arrested late Monday afternoon by a Missouri State Trooper and released several hours later with an apology from the arresting officer and his lieutenant.

The State Trooper initially said that Breitbart News, a credentialed media outlet, could not walk directly to a media staging area on West Florissant Avenue and would have to take a detour.

However, a detour did not exist for pedestrians. As Picket began to walk toward the staging area being blocked by the Trooper, she was handcuffed with plastic-ties, with her hands behind her back, and told to get on her knees.

Picket was later searched and had to give up belongings from her person. Picket was hauled off in a St. Louis County Police Truck and was on the verge of being booked.

Picket was released when it was discovered that the trooper misunderstood directions from his superiors. He was told not to allow vehicle traffic through but to allow foot traffic through. Both the arresting officer and his lieutenant apologized to Picket, who was then released.

Other media have been arrested by law enforcement in Ferguson, including Robert Klemko, Wesley Lowery, Ryan J. Reilly, and Scott Olson.


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