Fortenberry to Central America: 'Don't Send More Children'

Fortenberry to Central America: 'Don't Send More Children'

America’s southern border cannot remain in “chaos,” Nebraska Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry said at a town hall meeting earlier this month, according to the Bellevue Leader.

“The hallmark of America is that we are a very good, generous, and just nation with a vibrant immigration policy,” the local paper quoted Fortenberry. “That’s just who we are. But we can’t continue with chaos and disorder at the border.”

According to the Nebraska Republican, “We’ve got to send the message back to the Central American countries: Don’t send more children.”

Since October, approximately 63,000 unaccompanied minors have been detained illegally crossing the southern border into the U.S., straining resources and resulting in a humanitarian crisis. The vast majority of the illegal immigrants are from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. 

The Bellevue Leader reported that the unaccompanied minor crisis was at the forefront of the town hall discussion, which took place on Aug. 6. 

Fortenberry told his assembled constituents, according to the Bellevue Leader, that the border crisis should be confronted with strategy of: “Protect the children. Protect the border. Prevent the problem.”

He further advocated for National Guard to be sent to the border to take the place of Border Patrol Agents who have been pulled from the front lines to deal with the unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors and said that Central American countries the illegal immigrants are leaving need to work on revitalization. 

“I’m hopeful, that if you look out a hundred years from now, you’re not seeing them hold us at arm’s length,” the Bellevue Leader quoted Fortenberry.