GOP Rep: Immigrants Must 'Come Through The Front Door'

GOP Rep: Immigrants Must 'Come Through The Front Door'

The Senate must pass the House bill to stop President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and deal with the ongoing crisis of illegal immigration, Texas Republican Rep. Kevin Brady said at a town hall event in his district.

“To me, ignoring this problem isn’t an option,” Brady said Monday evening, according to the local Huntsville Item. “My only goal here is that, from what is listed in this bill, is not that we manage the problem, (but) we stop the problem. The House has acted and the Senate left town. We’re hoping the Senate will go back to work.”

According to the report, Brady stressed the need to end illegal immigration and make legal immigration less difficult. 

“We need to shut the backdoor of illegal immigration and open the front door for legal immigration,” The Huntsville Item quoted Brady, “so those who want to be in our country live the American dream and pursue their goals are welcome and they are a big part of our family. We just insist that they come through the front door.”

The paper reported that a topic of concern for those attending the town hall was the ongoing border crisis.  

“It’s cheaper to send them back via airplane than it is to house them for however many months … and spend all this money, when all we have to do is spend maybe a $1,400 plane ticket back to where they came from and secure our border,” Mike Appleton, a Montgomery County citizen said, according to the The Huntsville Item. “(With) the money we save, we could hire more border patrol agents, put them all across our border and secure our border.”