Eric Holder: DOJ Stands with People of Ferguson

Eric Holder: DOJ Stands with People of Ferguson

On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder said in a news conference in Washington that he and the Department of Justice stand with the people of Ferguson. He added, “I went to Ferguson to provide reassurance; in fact they gave me hope.”

The Washington Post reported that Holder offered his unflinching support for the people of Ferguson Mo. just one day after traveling there and pledging that he would be conducting a “thorough and fair” investigation of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer. Holder did not provide reassurance to officer Darren Wilson, who reportedly suffered a broken eye socket and was nearly beaten unconscious in the altercation with Brown moments before firing his gun.

Moreover, the Attorney General did not discuss that the American system of justice is founded on the principle that all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. He did say, however, “The Justice Department will continue to stand with Ferguson.” Holder added, “We will continue the conversation this incident has sparked about the need for trust building between law enforcement officers and communities they serve.”