Generic Congressional Poll: Republicans Lead on Immigration

Generic Congressional Poll: Republicans Lead on Immigration

With the midterm elections a mere two months away, a new bipartisan George Washington University Battleground Poll shows noticeable movement towards the GOP. When poll respondents are asked if they will be voting for “the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate, in your Congressional district?”, 46% chose Republican, while 42% went with the Democrats.

In March both sides were tied at 43%.

Other than a one-time bump of 47% in September of 2012, 46% is the GOP’s high-water mark in this poll. Alternately, other than a one-time low of 41%, 42% is the Democrats low-water mark.

When asked what is driving their vote, the economy came in first place by a wide margin at 24%. Second place went to “behavior of your member of Congress (15%), third place went to ObamaCare (13%).

On the issue of the economy, the GOP is now trusted by a seven point margin of 49% to 42%. That’s a three point jump in the Republican Party’s direction since March. When it comes to the federal budget and spending, the GOP is 13 points ahead of Democrats: 51-38%. In March, Republicans enjoyed only a seven point lead.

Democrats still lead on their core issues of Social Security and Medicare, but have apparently lost ground on what was one of their core issues: immigration. By a wide margin of 48-41%, voters now trust the GOP more than Democrats.

If you’re wondering why the mainstream media suddenly stopped covering the border crisis, this poll is why. Prior to the border crisis — a story that broke wide open after Breitbart Texas obtained photos of a wave of “border kids” being warehoused in U.S. facilities — immigration was a big winner for Democrats. The news of this surge, along with Obama’s inability and/or lack of desire to handle it, has flipped the issue in the GOP’s favor.  

With Obama as the man in charge for the last six years, the right track/wrong track numbers are disastrous for Democrats — the worst in nearly three years. A full 70% believe America is on the wrong track. Only 21% disagree. 


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