NYT: Obama Falls Behind Bush Lows, GOP Gains Strength

NYT: Obama Falls Behind Bush Lows, GOP Gains Strength

Although state polling  shows the GOP slipping some in the Republican quest to win the U.S. Senate, a New York Times/CBS News poll reveals that President Obama is polling worse than George W. Bush on issues important to voters, while the GOP is gaining strength.

On the question of overall job approval, Obama has tied his all time low of just 40%, with 50% disapproving.

On the issue of foreign policy, Obama has hit an all-time low of 34%, with 58% disapproving. At this same time in his presidency, President Bush sat at a little better 37% approve, 56% disapprove.

When it comes to handling terrorism, Obama is way behind Bush. Only 41% approve of the president’s handling of terrorism, while 50% disapprove. This number collapsed in just 6 months when the president sat at a healthy 53-38% — a massive 24 point swing.

Despite all the hell the media and the left hurled at Bush in his sixth year as president, 54% still approved of his handling of terrorism, while only 40% disapproved.

On the issue of immigration, Obama is upside down a whopping 30 points, 30-60%. This is another record low for the President.

On another important domestic issue, the economy, only 40% approve of Obama, while 53% disapprove. Only 24% believe the economy is improving, 26% believe it is getting worse, and 46% believe it’s staying about the same.

Regarding the issues most important to the country, the Republican Party is beating the Democrats on terrorism (52-31%), the economy (49-38%), foreign policy (49-37%), and is tied at 42% on immigration — which just last year was a huge advantage for Democrats. Even on the issue of health care, Democrats only enjoy a small advantage of 5 points (41-46%).

On the generic ballot, the GOP continues to gain over Democrats. When asked which party they will vote for, 45% of those most likely to vote went with the GOP, while 39% said Democrats. This is a jump for Republicans from a 37-41% deficit in July.

Overall, Congress remains unpopular. Only 19% approve of how Republicans in Congress are doing their job. A full 70% disapprove. Congressional Democrats fare little better at 30-61%.

Nationally, the GOP looks to be in very good shape. All that matters, though, is what happens in the individual states. Republicans are currently struggling there. They will need a gain of six seats to win the Senate and have only put away 3, while still having to defend Kansas.  

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