Tea Party Group Attacks Pryor's 'Sham' Anti-Amnesty: 'Insult to the Voters of Arkansas'

Tea Party Group Attacks Pryor's 'Sham' Anti-Amnesty: 'Insult to the Voters of Arkansas'

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) is calling on Arkansans to see through what it says was Sen. Mark Pryor’s (D-AR) “sham” vote in favor of a motion that would have moved an anti-amnesty amendment forward. 

“Sen. Pryor’s vote was cast as nothing more than a campaign trail talking point,” TPPCF Chairman Jenny Beth Martin said Thursday. “He only voted ‘aye’ when he knew the amendment would fail.”

Pryor’s Republican opponent, Tom Cotton, has attacked the incumbent from the right on his immigration record. Cotton has a slight lead on Pryor in the polls, but the race remains tight. 

Last week, Republicans came a vote short of forcing Democrats to allow amendments to be added to the must-pass legislation to fund the government. They planned to offer an amendment to prevent president Obama from moving forward with future amnesties for illegal immigrants. 

Pryor voted for the motion — which failed on a 50-50 vote — but waited until the last minute, when it was apparent the motion would fail, to cast his vote, Politico reported.

According to TPPCF, his yes vote was insincere, given his past support for the Senate immigration bill and his vote to kill Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) border security bill. 

“When real border-security bills were on the floor, Mark Pryor stood for Democrat party politics, not American sovereignty,” Martin added. “That’s an insult to the voters of Arkansas, who care about border security year-round, not just election time.”

The Tea Party group issued a similar attack on Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) earlier in the week. 


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