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AP Poll: Confidence in Government Collapses

AP Poll: Confidence in Government Collapses

A new Associated Press poll finds that Americans lack confidence in the U.S. government’s ability to protect them across a wide range of issues ranging from economic instability to terrorist attacks.

“I think what we’ve got going on here in America is the perfect storm of not good things,” Joe Teasdale, 59, told the Associated Press

Perhaps most devastating of all is the fact that the AP poll wasconducted before it was known that a Liberian man in Dallas had Ebola.

On the issue of terrorism, just 27% of Democrats said they were confident in government’s ability to protect them from terrorist attacks.

When asked how confident they were that the “U.S. government can effectively minimize the threat Americans face” from “racial tensions,” 61% of likely voters said “not too confident” or “not at all confident.”

On an unstable job market, just 12% of likely voters said they were “extremely” or “very confident” in government’s ability to help. 

The AP poll contained 31% Democrats, 24% Independents, and 24% Republicans.  


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