VIDEO: Lois Lerner Tries to Barge Into Neighbor's Home to Dodge Journalist

VIDEO: Lois Lerner Tries to Barge Into Neighbor's Home to Dodge Journalist

Disgracedformer IRS official Lois Lerner attempted to barge into a neighbor’shome to dodge questions about her role in the targeting of conservativeand Tea Party groups and her infamous missing emails. 

Jason Mattera, author of the new book Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars,approached Lerner on the street in her upscale neighborhood justoutside Washington, D.C. and asked Lerner if she wanted to apologize toconservatives or to comment on her role in “using the government as aweapon to crush political dissent.”

Lernerthen dashed across a neighbor’s yard and began knocking on the door. Anelderly woman refused to let Lerner in and said she recently hadsurgery. “Could you call the police?” Lerner asks the woman, whoremained shielded behind the closed door. “Please let me in,” saidLerner. “These guys are with the press and they’re not leaving mealone.”

Despitethe elderly woman’s disinterest in letting the former IRS officialinside her home, Lerner persisted until the woman’s husband arrived.

“What are you doing here?” the elderly woman’s husband asks Lerner.

“Theseguys are not leaving me alone. They’re from the press. They’refollowing me. I just want to go in your house for one second,” saidLerner.

“I don’t want her in the house!” the elderly woman’s husband said. “Out. Out!”

Mattera says the video, which debuted Monday night on Hannity, is almost a “perfect proxy” for Lerner’s actions targeting innocent conservative and Tea Party groups.

“Shekeeps badgering an innocent woman with zero regard for her wishes,”explained Mattera. “It’s an incredible crystallization of Lerner’scharacter or lack thereof.” 

Matteraadded, “If Lerner is willing to barge into a person’s home, how muchmore so is she willing to barge into a conservative’s IRS records toinflict her political will?”

As Breitbart News reported in July, Lerner referred in emails to conservatives as “crazy,” “whacko,” and “assholes.”

Mattera said on Hannitythat it’s time conservatives go on offense and begin holding the Obamaadministration and liberals accountable for their actions. Mattera promised more videointerview releases this week.

Hannity applauded Mattera’s efforts to do what the mainstream media has left undone: confront Lois Lerner directly.

“I’m glad you did this,” Hannity said.


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