Pro-Amnesty Group Attacks Pro-Amnesty Hagan With Spanish Language Ads

Pro-Amnesty Group Attacks Pro-Amnesty Hagan With Spanish Language Ads

A pro-amnesty group is targeting Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), a vulnerable Democrat running for reelection in a red state, for opposing executive actions on immigration reform before the election. 

Hagan, who has an “F” rating from the anti-amnesty group Numbers USA, voted for the controversial Senate immigration bill that would have provided amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and voted to prevent the introduction of legislation that would have prevented Obama from taking executive action on immigration reform.

The current North Carolina senator, however, is in a tight race for reelection against Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis and is one of the Democrats for who President Obama delayed taking executive action on immigration reform before the elections to help their political chances.  Hagan also — in a reversal from her previous action — voted for a motion that would have allowed an amendment to block Obama from unilaterally enacting amnesty to be introduced. 

Despite her support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, Presente Action is running Spanish-language advertisements against her for delaying amnesty.

“Latinos are sick of being treated as a political football by Democrats like Senator Kay Hagan and Republicans alike,” the group’s executive director of Arturo Carmona said in a statement Thursday. 

“Our families matter, our lives matter, and this ad is meant to remind Senator Hagan of that. Much like Republicans have, Senator Hagan has worked to tear our families apart, and now we urge Latinos across the state to think twice before casting a ballot in her name,” he added.

Presente Action radio ads will run in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem. 

Based on an English translation provided by the group, the ads argue that Hagan stood in the way of amnesty because she opposed President Obama’s executive amnesty.

“More than 1,000 Latino migrants are deported each day,” the advertisement says, using the Obama administration’s inflated statistics. “The Republicans have become a party that is completely anti-immigrant and many Democrats are following in their footsteps. When there was a solution within reach, Senator Kay Hagan stood opposed. Senator Hagan voted with the most anti-immigrant senators in Congress in support of the continued deportations of our community.”

The radio ad comes in conjunction with Facebook ads the group began running recently against Hagan and other Democrats who pushed for a delay in Obama’s executive action. 

“November: we will not vote for Dem. senators who put political gain before our communities,” the Facebook ad against Hagan reads


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