Mike Bloomberg Claims 110 Mass Shootings from 2009-2014. There Were Only 25.

Mike Bloomberg Claims 110 Mass Shootings from 2009-2014. There Were Only 25.

In July, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety released a report highlighting 110 mass shootings between 2009 and mid-July 2014. The actual number of mass shootings for that time period was 25.

The name of the Everytown study was, “The Real Story of Mass Shootings in America,” and Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) president John Lott says the study is “riddled with errors.”

According to The Washington Times, Lott said the errors occurred because Everytown “made simple accounting errors and included cases that did not fit their claimed criteria. Also, their arbitrary definition of ‘assault weapons’ seems best chosen to obtain the results that fit their ideological agenda.”

The 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook previously claimed by Everytown are included in the 110 mass shootings in the July study. But Breitbart News previously reported that the claim of 74 school shootings is a farce, as many of the incidents cited by Everytown involved no injuries, or were incidents where guns were shot into the air outside a school, or were actually stabbings and not shootings to begin with. 

CPRC study of the 110 claimed mass shootings since 2009 shows only “8 percent” took place in public places where citizens are allowed to carry guns for self-defense. But the vast majority–“92 percent”–took place in places where guns are not allowed. Yet Everytown sloppily lumped these both together without distinguishing one from the other, seemingly to increase the number of mass shootings on paper. 

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