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Coburn 'Wastebook': Five Ways NIH Wasted Taxpayer Dollars

Coburn 'Wastebook': Five Ways NIH Wasted Taxpayer Dollars

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) took particular offense after the director of the National Institute of Health complained that if only the government agency had more money, they would probably have a cure for Ebola.

In response, Coburn revealed five ways the NIH is wasting taxpayer money – according the new 2014 ‘Wastebook.”

1. $804,000 developing “Kiddio: Food Fight,” a smartphone game for parents

In the game, parents select a vegetable to offer “Kiddio” and then select a tactic for influencing Kiddio to eat the veggie. The “Kiddio” reacts to the parents advances which helps them understand their own children. 

2. $533,376 – Investigating the effects of meditation from reading Buddhist texts

The team incorporated Buddhist literature to “scientifically” analyze if meditation causes sleepiness or wakefulness, as well as to explain if and why some people see lights while meditating.

3. $387,000 — Giving Swedish massages to rabbits – and euthanizing them afterwards

The rabbits received daily massages from a “mechanical device that simulates the long, flowing strokes used in Swedish massages.”

4. $371,000 – Researching women’s emotional state when they see their dog

According to the study, Mothers have the same reaction when looking at photos of their dogs as they do to those of their own children.

5. Paid leave for an NIH police officer

The officer allegedly “pulled out a black Glock 19 and loaded the magazine” during a fit of road rage.

Read the full 2014 “Wastebook” for more details and full investigation of 100 different ways the government is wasting your money.


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