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Poll: 79 Percent of Likely Voters Say Ebola Travel Ban a 'Good Idea'

Poll: 79 Percent of Likely Voters Say Ebola Travel Ban a 'Good Idea'

The vast majority of likely voters say they are in favor of a temporary travel ban from the West African countries currently suffering from Ebola outbreaks, according to a new poll released this week. 

The poll, from Paragon Insights–a public opinion research firm affiliated with the National Republican Senatorial Committee–found that 79 percent of likely voters say they think a of a temporary travel ban from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea are either a “strongly good (51 percent) or “somewhat good” (28 percent) idea. 

The survey was conducted from from October 19-20 among 963 likely 2014 voters across the county and has a margin of error of +/- 3.2 percentage points. 

Republicans and some Democratic lawmakers have been calling on the Obama administration to impose temporary travel bans on those West African countries dealing with the deadly Ebola virus. 

To date the Obama administration has refused to impose a travel ban and the issue has made its way into the critical midterm elections mere days away. 

The poll also found that just 44 percent of likely voters said they approved of Obama’s handing of the Ebola crisis. Further, 58 percent of voters say they believe more should be done to take on Ebola in the U.S and 50 percent say Obama should not have chosen  a “political operative” to run his Ebola response. 

Other findings include majority support for increased screenings at U.S. ports of entry (87 percent), temporary travel ban on health workers exposed to Ebola (80 percent), and stricter travel screenings (68 percent).


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