Liberian Woman with Fever Hospitalized in Oregon, Awaits Ebola Test Results

Liberian Woman with Fever Hospitalized in Oregon, Awaits Ebola Test Results

A Liberian woman with a 102-degree fever was hospitalized in the Portland, Oregon, area on Friday and is undergoing testing for Ebola, reports The Oregonian.

“We had hoped this wouldn’t happen,” said Providence Health & Services regional Chief Executive Dave Underriner.

The Oregonian reports that the woman “recently arrived in Portland and was monitoring herself for Ebola symptoms under a voluntary program” and that “a source told The Oregonian she arrived from Liberia on Tuesday evening.” According to the Los Angeles Times, the woman flew through one of the five U.S. airports screening travelers entering the U.S. from Ebola-stricken countries.

Oregon officials have remained tight-lipped about the woman or her background, citing privacy issues. She remains in isolation at Providence Milwaukie Hospital until test results determine the cause of her illness and temperature. Reuters originally reported that the woman was an “Oregon resident.” However, both The Oregonian and the Los Angeles Times flatly dispute that characterization.

“The patient is not an Oregon resident,” reports the Los Angeles Times. “She had been staying in a household in the Portland area.” 

Doctors say the Liberian woman’s temperature spike was cause for alarm. “It got our attention because it was over 102 degrees,” said Dr. Paul Lewis.

Individuals staying with the woman have entered into voluntary quarantine until Ebola test results come back.

In addition, another person in Portland is being monitored for Ebola symptoms, reports The Oregonian

On Monday, Oregon health officials said a person who was at “remote or no risk of Ebola” was being monitored for the deadly Ebola virus. It is presently unclear if Oregon officials were referring to the Liberian woman now undergoing Ebola testing or someone else.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) spokesperson John Turner told the Times the CDC is aware of the Oregon case but is not sure whether the CDC Ebola rapid response team has been sent to Oregon.