5 Gubernatorial Races Where Your Gun Rights Are on the Ballot

5 Gubernatorial Races Where Your Gun Rights Are on the Ballot

Gun rights are essentially on the ballot in a number of Governor’s races around the country. Among these are the races in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

In all fives of these states, a pro-Second Amendment candidate or incumbent is running against a pro-gun control candidate or incumbent. 

In the Arizona race, pro-Second Amendment candidate Doug Ducey (R) is running against pro-gun control candidate and former Clinton White House Deputy Director Fred DuVal (D). Ducey believes we have enough gun laws on the books and thinks the focus should be on bettering our mental health system. DuVal is the complete opposite. Breitbart News previously reported that DuVal supports a push to ban private gun sales in the state of Arizona via the passage of universal background check requirements. 

Ducey is the clear choice for Arizonans who love the Second Amendment. 

In Colorado, Governor John Hickenlooper (D) faces a strong challenge from pro-Second Amendment candidate Bob Beauprez (R). Hickenlooper infamously ignored the concerns of Colorado Sheriffs and signed universal background checks and a magazine capacity ban into law after talking with Michael Bloomberg in the spring of 2013. 

Since that time, Hickenlooper denied talking to Bloomberg–only to correct his denial three days later–and admitted that the magazine ban he signed was “unenforceable,” only later to change that statement to “difficult to enforce.”

Beauprez is the clear choice for Coloradans who love the Second Amendment.

In the Connecticut race, pro-gun control Governor Dannel Malloy (D) faces a strong challenge from pro-Second Amendment candidate Tom Foley (R). Breitbart News previously reported that Malloy signed gun control legislation in April 2013–at the height of the Democrat-created post-Sandy Hook gun control hysteria–and has defended the legislation ever since. 

Malloy’s candidacy is supported by Michael Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Gabby Giffords. On the other hand, Foley has signaled he will relieve the burden on law-abiding gun owners by repealing Malloy’s gun control measures if the state legislature sends him a bill to sign. 

Foley can reverse the damage Malloy has done to the Second Amendment in Connecticut.

In Pennsylvania, pro-Second Amendment incumbent Tom Corbett (R) is facing a challenge by pro-gun control candidate Tom Wolf (D). On the Issues reports that Wolf supports “universal background checks” and a “ban [on] assault weapons.”

On the other hand, on October 28 the NRA-ILA reported that Corbett signed “the strongest firearm preemption in the country.” The measure strengthens preexisting preemption statutes to guarantee that “firearm and ammunition laws are consistent throughout the state,” which is very important for people who carry a gun for self-defense.   

Corbett is certainly the candidate for pro-Second Amendment voters in Pennsylvania.

Lastly, in the Texas gubernatorial race, pro-Second Amendment candidate Greg Abbott (R) is running against pro-gun control candidate Wendy Davis (D). Breitbart News has previously reported that Abbott supports the current concealed carry laws in Texas, but wants to expand them to include open carry and campus carry as well. But Davis opposes campus carry–she voted against it twice as as state legislator–and in 2000, while a member of the Fort Worth City Council, proposed an ordinance which could have resulted in more regulations on gun shows within city limits. 

Abbott is the clear choice for pro-Second Amendment voters in the Lone Star State.

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