Oregonians for Immigration Reform: 'People Are Basically Fed-Up'

Oregonians for Immigration Reform: 'People Are Basically Fed-Up'

Oregonians for Immigration Reform, the group that spearheaded opposition to Measure 88, which attempted to put to popular vote the state’s law providing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, said his group was successful because people are “fed up” with the push for illegal immigration.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Communications Director Jim Ludwick discussed why Measure 88 failed in such a blue state:

I think people are basically fed up with all the romanticizing of people coming into the country illegally and going to the front of the line. When you have a government at any level that rigidly enforces every nuance of the law on its citizens, but willingly and openly bends those laws to accommodate illegal aliens, all that it does is breed cynicism toward the government and resentment of the illegal aliens who get preferred treatment.

Ludwick added, “We had only three months after the legislative session was over to collect 58,142 signatures. We got over 77,000. It wasn’t easy. The restrictions are severe. You’ve got to be particular to the nth degree.” Laughing, he stated, “Basically, we jumped off the bridge, hoping there was water down below.” 

When asked if threats were made against his group, Ludwick said, “I’ve gotten calls saying, ‘We know where you live.’ But I’m old enough to know what I want to do. I’ll take whatever risk there is.”


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